Conclusion -what is the success of the conference?

When me and a "friend" went to meet the Greek geologists Michael Fytikas and Giorgis Vougioukalakis in Athens, we wanted to speak with them about our (my) idea of an conference about the volcanoes on Methana. They reacted very positive and it was nice that they encouraged us to realise the idea of this conference.

In the first steps the municipality was not involved in this plan, because I wanted to be sure, that it will be not only a conference for political representation. My idea was, that the conference should be independent and all people should be involved who were active for Methana and not only the political friends of the municipality. 

Unfortunately my "friend" (who was a former member of the municipality) was too enthusiastic and told the idea to the municipality, which of course was happy to use this idea. We were theoretically members of the "organizers commity", but in reality all decisions were done without us (me).
We (I) were (was) not involved in any decisions.

I had the idea also to contact media in Germany, Switzerland, Austria,etc. But my ideas did not count and were quickly forgotten by the municipality.
My friend from Switzerland, Dr. V. Dietrich was coming and so at least the friend who did the geological map of Methana visited Methana.

At the conference the first day was abused for the presentation of the local politicians, who were suddenly "interested" in sustainable tourism. All the last 20 years before, my ideas of special kinds of tourism were ignored.

On the conference I presented the idea of the Geopark Saronic gulf and Geo-Tourism on Methana. There was no interest by the local municipality and its mayor Costas Karajannis at all.

My dream was to promote the idea that the hiking paths and the archaeological and geological highlights could attract visitors. After many years of experience in GEO-Tourism, this could help Methana.
Until now, my ideas and me are still ignored by the local politicians and I do not see any hope for improvement.

My 30 years of experience, thousands of photos and my engagement are ignored. Because I am German and foreigner...

24.000 € are paid to the Kapodistrian Universitiy in Athens to do the research how to promote Methana, its volcanoes and the hiking paths from 0, even all this knowledge exists already.

The ignorance of the local politicians (Christos Pallis, Costas Karajannis) is the conclusion of my 30 years engagement for Methana.

I know, I am a foreigner and worse, I am "German". That is why the Greeks can not respect their foreign friends. We foreigners are "welcome" as paying tourists only. That is about the idea of "Europe"...

I know that I never had friends in the municipality of Troizen-Methana. Otherwise Methana would be in an different condition and surely not still a white spot in tourism. I was fighting for Methana all over the last 30 years and if they had used me in a serious and responsible way, they could have benefit without paying or abusing European help.

In the meeting of 22.7.2017 I understood that the project of "promoting and developing Methana" is probably not serious? All volunteer engagement of me and others was ignored, but there is a new "local hero"... A new engaged "advertising company" was promising, that it will get "Methana at the third position in tourism after Chalkidiki & Santorini island" and "tourists will leave a tip of 150 Euros every person"... Also the mayor Costas Karajannis was awarded with a price for his activities for Methana (he was engaging the company...).

I declared officially that I will not support this project, because I can not trust it. Nobody has my permission to use any of my material (photos, maps, text, etc.).

After 30 years of engagement, loving Methana, the conclusion is very disappointing.

If the Greeks threat their friends in this way, I have big doubt if they will get out of crisis.

Best regards
Tobias Schorr

p.s. Die Juristerei kann mich gerne kontaktieren, da alles, was ich hier schreibe belegbar ist und auch unter "Meinungsfreiheit" fällt!

2022/11/05 - any changes?

It is already 6 years since the conference - what is the success?

- No concept for GeoTourism
- There is no "virtual geological museum"
- Methana is still not at the 3rd position after Santorini & Chalkidiki
- There is no professional marketing