Photos of the participants

On Saturday 11 June there have been lots of presentations of the scientists who were working on Methana for the last 30 years. There was the news about the submarine volcanoes of Santorini & Methana by the Greek geologist Paraskevi Nomikou, the presentation of the German volcanologist Dr.V.Dietrich about the possibilities of future eruptions on Methana and the news about the old caldera on Methana by the Belgium geologist Dr. Ingrid Smet. Other Greek geologists told us about the earthquakes and the possibility to see the structure of the magma chambers below Methana by seismic waves. The Greek geologist and Methana-Friend Michalis Fytikas supported the idea of Tobias Schorr to use the opportunities of the volcanoes for tourism.Tobias Schorr completed this part with his presentation about GEO-Tourism and how Methana could win by sustainable kinds of tourism. Also he spoke about the Methana geopark idea. It was great that also Mrs Eleni Konstolaki-Jiannopoulou was speaking about her work as archaeologist in the region of Troezen-Methana. The manager of Methana Volcanic Spa, Mr Spyros Papaioannou spoke about the environment and also had a gift for the famous Greek song writer Mrs Lina Nikolakopoulou. It was surely worth to follow all these presentations to get an impression about the scientific importance of Methana. Let us hope that there will be new knowledge about the history, volcanoes and nature in future and that all this will be used to promote & develop Methana in a sustainable way!