Tourist maps of Tobias Schorr

How to offer an orientation for the visitors of Methana?

When Tobias Schorr visited Methana for his first time, he did understand, that there is nearly no information available for the Greek and international visitor of the peninsula and so the most can not have any idea about the interesting sightseeing points of this region. Due to this problem, Tobias Schorr looked out for a cheap solution and designed a simple tourist map that could be easily copied in local shops. Later he designed a big tourist map for the entrance to the town of Methana in February 1994 which was standing until 2015. That time he designed a modern map with a satellite base and all the information about the hiking paths, geology, archaeology and sightseeing at Methana peninsula. Also in some brochures he offered information to the people who love hiking and nature. He is still thinking about new ideas how to produce improved information material. 


Touristic cartography