Guided tour to the volcano with Tobias Schorr 12 June 2016

As an inspirator for the first conference on the volcanism of Methana, Tobias Schorr was the ideal leader of the tour to the historic volcano at the village Kameni Hora. On the drive to the volcano, he told information about the history, geology and people of Methana. There were some positions where he stopped the bus to show for example volcanic pumice. On the volcano there were also the Greek and international geologists. It was a great opportunity that Mr Volker Dietrich (creator of the last geological Methana map!) explained details of the volcanology in the field! His Greek colleagues completed the prsentation. It was great that there have been so many participants on this guided tour!


The historic volcano

The historic eruption of the volcano at today´s village Kameni Hora, took place around 270-230 B.C. It formed an lava dome of an altitude of 420 meters. The glowing of the lava dome was visible even to ancient Athens and described by ancient writers like Ovid, Strabon and later Pausanias. About one kilometer north of it, the Greek Sea Research Center discovered the submarine volcano "Pausanias" in a deep of approximately 120 m.

More information about this volcano you will find here!


More information about this volcano