Methana Promotion Project

A concept for the creation of a sustainable tourism on Methana

The company Methana Promotion of Tobias Schorr is the professional base for his idea to built up an sustainable way of tourism on the Methana peninsula.

Since 1996 Tobias Schorr is promoting the nearly unknown area of Methana in international tourism trade fairs like the ITB Berlin.

Since 26.04.1986 he has been creating an archive of more than 10.000 photographs about all aspects of the region Troizen & Methana & the Saronic gulf. Tobias Schorr did not expect an economical benefit of his activities, but he loves this area and wanted to support the local societies, business people and companies.

His target and dream was, to create a future for the young people to live on their beautiful peninsula and to find jobs in tourism, in creating new & modern agricultural business and to respect the nature & culture of the area.

Tobias Schorr has been creating advertising brochures, touristic maps and websites about the area of Methana and the Saronic gulf.

His concept is based on the idea to use, to protect and to promote the natural & cultural treasures for an sustainable tourism of 12 months a year on Methana.

It is a shame that the local politicans & the municipality of Methana never supported this project. They used the idea of the conference in 2016, but the never estimated & respected the activities of Tobias Schorr FOR Methana.

After so many years and so many ideas, there is no progress visible. The Spa remains closed and the "virtual volcanological museum" does not exist.

The virus crisis is a big disaster for local economy, but there are no plans, how to get out of the crisis and to benefit by new ideas and concepts in sustainable tourism in future.

Methana is a quite interesting destination, but political groups avoid any progress and distroy any corporations. It is always the same groups that block new ideas.

Is there any hope for the next future?

Any way - Methana is still a great destination with one of the most beautiful nature & geology!

When was the name "Methana Promotion" founded?

The idea & name "Methana Promotion" and its domain name was used by Tobias Schorr since the year 2000. This is one document that proofes this with an entrance ticket to the international tourism trade fair ITB Berlin.


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